Henriette Bonde

matching investors & startups


Investing in startups is a risky business. Risky, but very exiting. Exiting, because you get to use your skills, network, experience and see a company grow and flourish. A lot of time is spent looking for the next big thing, and a lot of money is wasted if the business fails. Henriette Bondes mission is to help create better partnerships between investors and startups by helping them find the right match.

Better partnerships create better business.

Match Services

Do you know which kind of Startups you are looking for? Maybe you know. Maybe you know when you see it. The Search phase is designed to help meet investment objectives by presenting handpicked cases to match Investors’ criteria. An Investor Profile will generate a complete picture of these criteria and be the foundation of the search strategy.
An investment opportunity presents itself, but how can you make sure the match is truly right? In the Qualify phase Investors can minimize risks by qualifying the match. A planned professional process with interviews, tests, research and analysis will help Investors get to know the Startup in an efficient manner, to make a more qualified decision faster.
The investment is made and now you want to stay on the right track. To make the good partnership last the Match phase is designed to help determine the contractual conditions and to follow-up on the collaboration. The good match still requires an effort to stay good.


Having worked as a Business Development Consultant for several years Henriette Bonde knows how to screen a business and determine its potential and pit falls. She is a networker, and strives to achieve trusting relationships by being sincerely interested and curious about people, their ideas and their business.

With hands-on experience starting up and running an incubator and office space for Startups Henriette knows, first hand, the do’s and don’ts of Entrepreneurs. She also knows how to build stronger business cases by adding the right kind of knowledge at the right time. Setting up Advisory Boards and Business Mentors for Startups she discovered how big an influence the right match can have. Being a part of the startup community for many years Henriette knows how and where to find the Startups. To top it all off she has theoretical knowledge and holds a PBA degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In this mix of theoretical tools and practical knowledge Henriette offers help in building stronger partnerships with Startups.

Explore Henriettes professionel history and get to know the companies she worked at by visiting LinkedIN.